Terms and conditions

  1. Application of terms and conditions
    Any order passed with the Biorganic Factory sprl implies the acceptance of the terms of sale. Any special conditions derogating from those listed must be issued by Biorganic Factory only or have been accepted by Biorganic Factory, in which case no further derogation will be accepted.
    1bis. Application of terms and conditions in case of tender offer
    In the context of tender offer, the offer will be subject to the general rules for the performance of tender and will no longer be subject to the special terms of sale of this offer
  2. Price
    Our rates are based on the number of people indicated in the offer, any change can have an influence on the budget such as the number of participants in the event, the venues, equipment, personnel…The offer will then have to be reviewed and returned by your contact person.

    Our prices are calculated per person (unit price) based on a theoretical volume of 100 units. All prices are indicated excl. taxes. The percentages in VAT are applicable : 21% for beverages, logistics, equipment and service, 12% for food with service, 6% for food in delivery.

  3. Validity
    The offer is valid for 6 months.
  4. Confirmation
    To confirm your order, an official mail, a letter, or signed order form must be sent to us at least 4 weeks before the date of your event. Moreover, for any order more than 2000,00 € excl. VAT, the payment of 60% of the deposit must be payed to us before your event and will definitively confirm your offer. The deadline can be reviewed according to the importance of your request.
  5. Payment and late payment
    The balance of our invoice will be paid up to 30 day The balance of our invoice will be paid up to 30 days at the invoice date.

    In case of payment of the invoice after the due date, interest of delay will be
    automatically added and without prior notice. This will be determined in accordance with Article 5 of the Law of 02/08/2002 on combating late payment in commercial transactions and will be calculated from the expiry of the payment receivable after 30 Days date invoice. In case of refusal of payment, the amount of the claim will be increased by 10% and with a minimum of 100,00 €, as fixed remuneration for collection costs, dispatches of letters of formal notice, fees and lawyer and troubles related to commercial credit control.

  6. Cancellation of an order or an offer
    For cancellations (including exceptional circumstances) less than 7 working days before the date of the event, an amount equivalent to 70% of the final invoice will be charged.

    6bis. Cancellation of an order and an offer in case of tender offer
    For any cancellation or irregularity of the tender offer, the legislation in force for the proper observance of the procedures relating to public procurement is applicable.

  7. Allergens
    In accordance with the Article 4 – 5 AR 17.07.2014, European legislation and the FASFC require 14 products or substances causing allergies or intolerances must be Clearly mentioned and communicated. Here is the list of substances being considered as allergens and can be found in some of our preparations:

    Cereals containing gluten (eg wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelled …), the crustaceans, eggs, fish, peanut, soy, milk, nuts (namely almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and pistachios), celery, the mustard, sesame, molluscs, the lupine, sulphites.

    For any food restrictions or allergens, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will adapt our offer. The lists below are not exhaustive and on request we can provide alternatives for participants who are allergic or have food restrictions.

  8. Events
    Any other specific elements of decoration (flower, light, …) are not included in this offer and will be the subject of a separate estimate on simple request after visit of the places.

    Our teams are trained to take charge of the overall organization of your event if you wish.From themed evenings to logistical management, through the realization of technical plans and mood board, we will put our skills at your disposal to set up with you an unforgettable “green event” and that in our partner rooms, Under a tent or anywhere else … Following your briefing, a detailed quote containing the various services requested will be provided on request.

  9. Logistics
    Depending on the place/venue of the performance (room, building, …), prices may be subject to change. This offer can be adapted according to new elements communicated 5 working days before the date of your event.

    A sufficient working space with electricity and water point as well as a parking and a supplier access will be made available to our teams in order to guarantee the proper setting up down of your event

    After your confirmation, one of our team members will contact you to discuss the logistics a few days before the event and set a price quote.

  10. Staff
    Our staff is dressed in classic clothing : black trousers, black shirt, black tie and black apron with or without our own Biorganic Factory logo such as a “Parisian coffee boy style”. Or in costume. Any other request can be discussed with you, we will adapt this to your wishes.
  11. Cleaning aspects / Garbages
    We always bring our own bins (sorting) and we take them back in order to deposit them in the containers ad hoc at the end of the event.

    We will take care of the storage and cleaning of the kitchen area so that it is returned to the state in which we received it.

    All material needed for the event is resumed once the event is over.

  12. Certification
    All the food products we use originate from the Organic and certified agriculture.
    Our catering service is labelled fully organic by Certisys. We regularly verify the “Organic warranty” of our suppliers and the traceability of our products.

    We favour seasonal fruit and vegetables from local and sustainable productions and that are distributed through short circuits.

    All our drinks are packaged in returnable glass bottles. We do not use Tetra pack, and little drinks in a can. Milk is served in jug and sugar in loose pieces. We focus on beverage dispensers and tap water and give priority to reusable materials and containers.

  13. Carbone offset
    Biorganic Factory is a Carbon Neutral Caterer. In the framework of our partnership with CO2logic for the support of carbon offset projects that are recognised by the UNFCCC, a contribution of 0,20 €/person excl. VAT will be charged.
    Thank you for helping us to protect planet earth !
  14. Eco-responsible company
    To the extent of the hygiene rules imposed by the AFSCA, we redistribute the possible remains to the Samu Social of Brussels with which we have a permanent agreement.
  15. Juridictional competence
    For any litigation, the parties must first try to find an amicable solution.
    On the other hand, only Belgian law is applicable and it is the courts of the Judiciary District of Brussels that will be competent.