Concept & Labels


At the beginning, there was passion

Passion for good products, authentic flavours and recipes that celebrate taste.
Passion for our meetings, reunions and happy moments.
Passion for the service that we render.

Then, there were ethics

The unavoidable feeling that the future of our planet depends on the protection of the environment.
The need to return to our roots – to natural, local and seasonal products.
The urgency to adhere to the principles of Sustainable Development.

Finally, there was the experience

Three personalities, three career tracks and a great deal of know-how at the starting point of this amazing experience.
An abundance of ideas, a desire to share and no lack of enthusiasm.
A team that knows each other and likes working together.


Flavour, freshness and authenticity are key words

Biorganic Factory offers creative cuisine ‘by the minute’, prepared in our facilities using fresh products, predominantly from local and organic production sites.
In our price offers, we always take into consideration sustainable criteria in order to choose the most suitable suppliers. In addition to the organic guarantee and the origin of the products that we process, we also give preference to Fair Trade (and similar) products.

Reduce, reuse, recycle as an organisational philosophy

Biorganic Factory uses only reusable materials: recycled and recyclable materials are used for tableware, decoration and toppings.
For each event, Biorganic Factory carefully studies the implementation of environmentally-friendly logistics and ensures that it is as energy efficient as possible. We sort, reduce and recycle at our facilities and in our daily practice.

Defending the logic of a fair budget as an ethical basis

In order to avoid waste and ‘salted surfaces’, Biorganic Factory applies the principle of ‘neither too much, nor too little’ by calculating the precise quantities needed for your event. We promote local partnerships, study the energy costs and choose the most cost-effective solutions.

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